The EnvoVap PD/1 series of evaporators is based on the technology of forced circulation combined with
vapor compression and has a capacity of 30-4000 l/hr.

The system’s optimized construction enables a unique combination of high distillate quality, very low operating costs and high efficiency for purified and treated flows, with high operational reliability and accessibility. The system is designed for completely automated round-the-clock operation controlled via an internal PLC system. All important information is clearly displayed and easy to manage via a touch panel on the front of the machine. The newly developed, high-performance separator sets a new standard for reducing the formation of foam. The integrated, fully automated CIP washing system optimizes accessibility and operational reliability. Accessibility during servicing is made easier as the doors on all sides of the machine provide easy access to components with a service-friendly design.

The EnvoVap PD/1 series is an excellent investment for purifying contaminated process water from production.

The EnvoVap vacuum evaporator is an evaporator system based on negative pressure combined with heat pump technology. Its capacity ranges from 10 to 625 l/hr.
Thanks to the technologies combined in the system and its highly robust, simple design, EnvoVap is a sound investment in water purification and separation. Particularly when the conditions regarding the degree of contamination are relatively difficult to manage and it is hard to clean the water to an approved level.

EnvoVap is available in a number of different program models adapted to the conditions for both liquid and sludge-containing concentrates as residual products. The quality of the purified water after evaporation in EnvoVap is generally excellent thanks to our unique and highly effective demister function.

The system boasts relatively low energy consumption, and this can also be further reduced using surplus energy from steam or hot water, for example. The EnvoVap technique is suitable for applications with acidic or basic flows, provided the right materials and models are chosen. EnvoVap is built for fully automated 24-hour operation and has good operational reliability.

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