Ion exchange technology is used to separate heavy metals. Examples of application fields: polishing metal-containing wastewater, purifying ue gas condensate, purifying water from wet scrubbers, polishing after ultra-filtration or chemical precipi- tation, purification of groundwater, mining water or leach water contaminated with metal.

The metal-containing water to be treated is led through filter columns lled with selective ion exchange mass. The ion exchange mass creates stronger bonds to heavy metals than to harmless ions such as sodium and calcium. And harmful heavy metals are exchanged in the water for sodium. When the ion exchange mass is saturated, it is regenerated with acid and lye. It is then ready for a new operating cycle.
Vilokan’s selective ion exchanger has been designed for capacities from 100 l/hr to 100 m3/hr.
The regeneration system can be made automatic or manual. Vilokan also offers service agreements which include regeneration. The filter columns are made by GAP with a polythene lining, or pressure vessel steel with internal hard rubberizing.

The pipe work and valves are normally PVC. Multi-way valves are not used. Regeneration chemicals are dosed using dosage pumps or ejector pumps.
Vilokan’s systems are delivered completely pre-assembled and tested with any pre-treatment such as pH adjustment or prefiltration.

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