Ultra-filters are used to separate emulsions, colloids and suspended substances that are difficult to filter gravimetrically.

Examples of application fields include: purifying water containing oil, purifying and recirculating degreasing baths, purifying water containing paint pigments, concentrating latex or paint pigments, dryer water, bilge water from ships, cleaning and recirculating trial print water.

Ultra-filtration is a print-driven process where the contaminated water is pumped at high speed parallel to the membrane surface. The contaminants are kept back by the membrane and concentrated in a process tank. At high concentrations, the process tank is emptied and the membrane washed as required. A new filtration cycle then begins. Membranes are available with pore diameters ranging from 1 to 200 Nm.
Ceramic membranes are particularly suitable for industrial applications thanks to their high resistance chemicals, pH, solvents and high temperatures.
Vilokan’s EnvoCep ultra-filter has been designed for capacities from 30 to 4000 l/hr. If more capacity is required, several ultra-filters can be connected in parallel.

The systems are built as compact systems, complete with any pre-filters, tanks, pumps and controls with varying degrees of automation. All mounted on a shared stand and made of stainless steel.

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