You have full access to our Swedish service organization!

Our engineers have many years of knowledge and experience.
At Vilokan we take full responsibility for the results and performance of your system. We can also take responsibility for service, technical support and follow-up.

We form an important part of your operation
We analyze the company’s operation, and based on this we develop a completely needs-led solution.
An investment in a modern purification system is not only beneficial from a competition point of view, it is also financially profitable. Recycling solvents, for example, means lower fees and simpler management. A gain both for your company and the environment.

Access to our own Swedish service organization dramatically reduces the risk of stoppages and, therefore, problems in production.

Vilokan are your global partner, you find us in the following countries: HQ Vilokan Recycling Tech and sales offices in USA, Norway, Finland and Poland.